Three questions for...
Theresa Sandner

In addition to the classic assistant work, such as office coordination, there are many other areas that make the job of management assistant so interesting for Theresa Sandner. The special feature is the very diversified field of duties and the independent tracking of projects. In an interview, she explains exactly what her daily work looks like and what makes it so exciting:

What tasks do you have as an assistant to the management?

My area of responsibility is very broad. I see myself as the right hand of our boss and try to keep Mr. Pirthauer's back free and support him in all imaginable tasks and challenges. In daily coordination with the management, we discuss current relevant topics and next steps in various projects. My job is to plan, organize and sensibly coordinate appointments and trips.

I prepare presentations, take part in meetings, take minutes, but also do research and develop a basis for decision-making.

Documents, information and inquiries converge at my desk, which I pass on to Mr. Pirthauer in concentrated form. This gives me an overview of all important topics in the company. In addition, I also deal with sales-related topics such as sales planning, forecasts, SAP evaluations and statistics. As far as the cooperation with our parent company Allied Motion is concerned, I am involved in reporting and SOX topics, among other things, and I am in constant exchange with the other plants in Europe and America.

What makes your field of activity special and what makes it special for you?

What I particularly like about my position is that I have the opportunity to work across departments with many people throughout the company and the entire group. This gives me exciting insights into various topics and tasks, a certain overview and foreign language practice.

What do you appreciate most?

I appreciate the cohesion and helpfulness among colleagues. This great teamwork makes it possible to work in a pleasant family environment.

For me Heidrive is... large and at the same time wonderfully small company family!