Three questions for...
Kristina Hacker

Kristina has been a language enthusiast since she can remember. The 19-year-old has been involved in a student exchange programme since her school days and when others had many question marks in their faces during English and French lessons, she always knew her way around. She will therefore be one of the first in the company to supplement her training as an industrial business management assistant with the additional qualification as a foreign language correspondent, thus making herself fit for an intercultural professional world.

When did you apply and how did you feel about the application process?
I applied to Heidrive directly when the tendering phase started last year in September. Then in October the interviews took place. The application procedure itself was as you would expect it to be, i.e. quite classic - first you had to convince in the first interview and then came a second interview with an extended group of people. Here questions were asked about general knowledge and the company, but of course also about myself. After my second interview, I was accepted a few weeks later. After that, the exam period lay ahead of me, but I still kept my eyes open for newspaper articles about Heidrive, as I wanted to start the training well prepared. For example, I also learned that Heidrive was one of the top 10 companies in Bavaria.

What do you expect from your training and what is particularly important?
My training consists of going through different departments. Here I would like to be able to learn a lot of content and knowledge and to build up a good relationship with the employees and trainers. It's important to me that you can talk about things and receive praise and constructive criticism - in other words, that everything is done in a spirit of open communication and friendly interaction.

It would be great if I could also apply the additional knowledge I have gained through my qualification as a foreign language correspondent in the company. For this additional qualification, we learn just under twice a week after our normal vocational school days, for example how to use the telephone, correspondence and important vocabulary for dealing with other nationalities. This knowledge could then be very useful for communicating with our American mother - Allied Motion.

What are you currently looking forward to when you go to Heidrive in the morning?
I noticed in the first few days that I was incredibly well received in the camp - where I've just been deployed - and now I'm naturally looking forward to the new colleagues. It's also really nice to finally be able to gain practical experience after twelve years of school, to gain new life experiences and above all to become more independent.

For me Heidrive is...
…the chance for my successful professional future and career.