The perfect servo drive

for your Heidrive motor

The Servo drives HCJ, HCD, HCB and HCF are the ideal addition to the Heidrive Motor portfolio. All motor/servo drives combinations have a CANopen fieldbus Interface with CiA-402 standard and extensive digital and analog inputs and outputs. Other bus systems such as Profibus interface or EtherCAT can also be retrofitted as an option. Depending on the equipment, all common encoder systems such as incremental systems (ABZ, UVW, single-ended and differential) but also absolute systems (Resolver, Sin-Cos encoder, HIPERFACE®, EnDat etc.) can be used.

Our HeiMotion servo drives portfolio

A selection of high-quality servo drives with different voltage and power ranges is available. In addition to the servo Controller HCF for 24 V - 48 V, the HCD for 230 V, the HCJ for 230 V and 400 V, the latest generation HCB also offers all possibilities.

The compact single-axis servo drives of the HCB series are true all-rounders in drive technology. They combine maximum power density with extensive motion control functions. The HCB series consists of two sizes, which are divided into two power stages for the 1-phase units and two power stages for the 3-phase units. All proven fieldbus interfaces are „on board“ - from CANopen to EtherCAT to PROFINET, which promise problem-free communication. Its versatility is further underlined by the numerous encoder interfaces, also for single-cable solutions.

The HCD servo drive was developed especially for cost-sensitive, simple control tasks.

With the HCF servo drive, you can supply your drives directly from a 24V or 48V network and is therefore perfectly designed for use in the demanding world of automation. The HCF also offers positioning functionality at the highest level, a robust mechanical concept and much more.

The HCJ servo drive can be modularly modified to suit all applications in terms of bus systems and encoder systems. The modular single-axis servo controllers of the HCJ series combine the highest performance volume and comprehensive motion control functions in four compact sizes. The high variance of the fieldbus connection and the encoder interfaces enable fast integration into existing industrial plants and also provide a solid and future-proof basis for new plants and projects.