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Compatible motors: HMP04, HMP06, HMP08, HMD06 (differences depending on version)
Connection H1, H2, H3: Light emitting diodes (integrated) (device status display)
Connection PE: PE connection pins (protective grounding)
Connection S1: DIP circuit (setting the CAN address)
Connection X1: Plug-in terminal (7-pole) (motor phases (U/V/W), brake resistor (+ZK/BC), temperature monitoring (PTC+, PTC-))
Connection X2: Plug-in terminal (2-pole) (single phase supply)
Connection X3: USB connector (Type-B) (connection for PC with DriveManager)
Connection X4: Plug-in terminal (12-pole) (6 digital inputs, 1 digital output, interface for motor brake)
Connection X5 (opt.): Plug-in terminal (6-pole) (connections for STO functionality (ISDSH, RSH))
Connection X5 (opt.): Plug-in terminal (6-pole) (analogue input (ISA00), resolution 10-bit ADC)
Connection X6/ X7: 2x RJ45 connector (CANopen interface)
Connection X8: D-Sub connector (15-pole) (interface for rotary encoder)
Switch frequency: 4, 8, 12, 16 kHz (Factory setting 8 kHz)
Supply voltage: 1 x 230 VAC
Output Voltage: 3 x 0 - 230 Veff
Continuous output current: 4 Arms
Maximum output current: 8 Arms
Rated power: 800 W
Interface: CANopen (CiA 402)
DC bus voltage: 320 V

Perfectly controlled with the...

Servo drive HCD

4-Q servo drive

The small 4-Q servo drive was specially developed for cost-sensitive, simple control tasks such as speed, torque and position-controlled applications.

It can be controlled either with digital and analog inputs, PLC motion or via field bus (CANopen).

Depending on the motor, the output power of the controller is up to 800 W in S1 operation. Our specially developed HES/HEM encoder systems can be used to match this.