The smart supporter


Available in 6 different sizes

Compatible motors: HMP04, HMP06, HMP08, HMP10, HMP13, HMP15, HMP19, HMD06, HMD08 (differences depending on version)
Connection X1: Plug-in terminal (12-pole) (Mains supply (L1/L2/L3/PE), Mains supply (L1/N/PE), DC-link (L+/L-), Motor phases (U/V/W/PE), Brake resistor (L+/RB))
Connection X2: Plug-in terminal (2 x 12-pole) (Safe Stop with relay output, 8 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs (10-bit ADC), 3 digital outputs, 1 relay (24 V / 1 A))
Connection X3: Plug-in terminal (2-pole) (Temperature monitoring (PTC / KTY / Klixon))
Connection X4: D-sub connector (9-pole) (RS232 interface)
Connection X5: D-sub panel connector (9-pole) (CANopen interface)
Connection X6: D-sub connector (9-pole) (Interface for resolver)
Connection X7: D-sub connector (15-pole) (Interface for rotary encoders (TTL / SSI / HIPERFACE))
Connection X8: Plug-in terminal (2-pole) (Expansion slot for option module )
Connection X9: Plug-in terminal (2-pole) (Interface for motor brake)
Supply voltage: 1 x 230 V / 3 x 400 V
Continuous output current: 2,2 - 72 Arms
Maximum output current: 4 - 144 Arms
Interface: CANopen (CiA 402), RS2322
DC bus voltage: 325 / 560 V

Smart control with the...

Servo drive HCE

4-Q servo drive

Our servo drives of the HCE series are 4-Q drive controllers with a very wide range of functions and are used for operation with both synchronous and asynchronous motors.

Due to the integrated PLC functionality, demanding tasks can be solved quickly and cost-effectively even without a higher-level controller.