The intelligent coordinator


Available in four different sizes

Compatible motors:HMP04, HMP06, HMP08, HMP10, HMP13, HMP15, HMP19, HMD06, HMD08, HMD10, HMD13, HMC06, HMC08, HMC13 (differences depending on version)
Approval:CE, UR, UL (UL508C)
Continuous output current at 230 V:3 - 8 Arms
Continuous output current at 400 V:2 - 16 Arms
Field buses (option 1):EtherCAT, PROFINET IRT, CANopen, PROFIBUS DPV1
Int. safety control:with external Safe Monitoring Control (SMC)
Cooling:Air cooling
Supply voltage:1 x 230 VAC, 3 x 400 VAC

Intelligent control with the...

Servo drive HCJ

4-Q servo drive

The modular single-axis servo drives of the HCJ series combine high performance volume and extensive motion control functions in four compact sizes. Optimised for the lower performance range, the HCJ servo drives with HeiMotion Premium servo motors form a perfect team for your individual drive requirements.

The high variance of the field bus connection and the encoder interfaces allow a fast integration into existing industrial plants as well as a solid and safe basis for new plants and projects.