Three questions for...
Klaudia Rubint

How can I use my perfectionism properly and where is it needed? Assembly is the department in which the engine is mechanically completed and tested. Since completing and finishing are always constant processes, it is especially important to stay focused here. Everything must always be done 100% correctly, which is why a lot of responsibility is taken on here.

What is your job at Heidrive?

Our department has shift work, which means that I work sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. In assembly we have more to do than you might think. The preliminary work and the final work in final assembly. We are responsible for finishing, repairing and testing the engines. If a product has defects, it comes to us from quality assurance and we fix them. We also complete the engines. Simply explained, that means we assemble the engine and put it on the test bench for testing. So we work manually, but also with the PC. In assembly, it is especially important to work precisely and finely.

How did you come to Heidrive?

I became aware of the company through a friend who worked here. She told me that reinforcements were still needed and that I could apply. Due to my poor knowledge of German at the time, I was a little hesitant and unsure, but I was given a very warm welcome at the very first interview. I did a trial job for one day and was hired permanently.

What do you appreciate most?

What I like so much about Heidrive is the team spirit and the teamwork. The security you feel here makes work very relaxed and incredibly fun.

For me, Heidrive is...

...a great, great community where people always stick together!