Three questions to...
Matthias Wehdanner

Matthias Wehdanner has already been with Heidrive for nine years and has made several career steps within the company up to his current position as a state-certified engineer. In an interview, the 24-year-old briefly explains why training does not necessarily mean the end of a career.

You have taken a somewhat unusual career path, so why don't you briefly describe it to us?
During my time at secondary school, it was not yet quite so clear in which direction I should orientate myself. Not even that it could go towards construction. I was faced with the choice between training and technical college. But then I quickly realized that a down-to-earth education was more important to me than a higher school leaving certificate. It goes without saying that I applied to various companies for a wide variety of professions. I ended up at the company Heidrive (at that time still Heidolph) because I was attracted to the apprenticeship as a "technical draftsman for machine and plant engineering" - because of the proximity to my home town and because it simply suited me very well personally at the job interview. The training itself was very interesting and the trainers found a great compromise between practical and theoretical training. At that time, I went through almost every technical department (testing, prototyping, assembly, etc.) and also worked productively, so I was able to get a deep insight into the entire company.

I then started my training as a technician and completed it in 2016. It was quite challenging to go to work for over 8 hours a day and then find the leisure to sit down and learn in the evening. So it is probably even less understandable that I recently started a part-time engineering degree. You have to be of a special kind to do this to yourself :) The most important thing is probably family support, and an understanding and helpful circle of friends, then you'll be fine.

What made you decide to go one step further?
It's just that with increased expertise, there are often more interesting tasks and more responsibility. As far as I'm concerned, that's definitely true. Besides, I'm a family man, which means that I want to be able to offer my future family a good financial basis. But who doesn't want that :). Last but not least, my superiors have motivated me to keep going, for which I can't thank them enough in retrospect.

In what way did Heidrive support you on this way?
On the one hand of course in an idealistic way. Whenever there were any technical or organizational questions from my side, superiors and colleagues helped me at any time and in the best possible way and supported me in every way.

On the other hand, in a financial way. In-service training is usually quite expensive. Heidrive has agreed to cover part of the costs incurred, for which I have undertaken in exchange to stay with the company for a certain period of time after completing the further training. In my opinion, this is an absolutely fair approach, as I should also apply the newly learned skills where the financial means for it came from.