Automation of agricultural production processes

The two topics of digitalisation and automation do not even stop at the agricultural sector. Smart technologies and advanced machinery in this versatile field have been developed continuously in recent years, creating innovative systems for humans and animals.

Science fiction in agriculture?
No, this is just the future!

When someone says that nowadays a robot or a machine works a field independently or brings in the harvest on its own, some people are very sceptical or fascinated by the idea of the future. But anyone who thinks that automation and robotics are not yet to be found on farms is mistaken. Individual drive systems, for example, set intelligent milking robots in motion, machines in precision farming in the fields or carry the heavy harvest by themselves and are indispensable in Agriculture 4.0.

As we at Heidrive are ServoMotor specialists and have a modular system of various encoders, gears and much more at our disposal, it goes without saying that our electric motors are also used in this sector. Thus, our HeiMotion Dynamic servo motors with integrated electronics and planetary gears can already be found in various customer applications, such as a fully automatic milking carousel. The precision and calm during the milking process not only promotes animal welfare, but also creates a unique cooperation between animal and technology. Farmers can enjoy more time, physical relief, higher production efficiency and smart support through the latest technologies.

With our customized drive systems, we offer various solutions for your applications in this field.