Aerospace technology

for fully automatic processes

The aerospace industry covers all technology on and in flying objects, such as aircraft, spacecraft and satellites, and is one of the most demanding and forward-looking areas in industry. Wherever innovative systems and technologies are in use, automation is a major issue. From fully automated production involving all parts of missiles to sophisticated propulsion systems in aerospace technology, everything is possible. Because automation does not only take place on solid ground, but also in the air. With our customer-specific products, we can respond to the special requirements of our customers and together we can advance and further develop this industry.

With our synchronous and asynchronous drive systems you be on cloud nine

All industries are producing non-stop and an industrial world without automation is now almost unimaginable. Wherever fast robots or heavy conveyor belts are driven, our dynamic synchronous and asynchronous drive systems are in use. Parts of all sizes are also manufactured for the aerospace industry or space technology. Our compact servo motors drive not only intelligent production lines and robot arms, but also fully automatic dispensing systems for adhesives. These adhesives are successfully used in aircraft and space ships.

You will not only find Heidrive products in all production processes, but also directly on or in the aircraft. Our unique asynchronous motors drive an automated freight and transport system, creating a faster and more effective loading process.

Heidrive asynchronous motors can be individually adapted to any customer application, just like the synchronous servo motors of our HeiMotion series. Many motor manufacturers only offer electric motors from a mass production or are so specific that one quickly loses track of many little things and extras. We have an ingenious solution to this problem:

1 modular system - 3 series - millions of solutions!

With our innovative modular system it is possible to configure the desired servo motor yourself. Our three standard series HeiMotion Premium, HeiMotion Compact and HeiMotion Dynamic serve as the basis for the modular solution. These can be individually equipped with a variety of options, such as with or without brake, various encoders and feedback systems, with or without planetary gears, as well as perfect plug solutions.


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