Three questions to...
Tobias Hollmann

What do Heidrive motors in coffee machines, aircraft transport systems and lifts have in common with those in camping heaters? Answer: Individual parts of these are all produced with our in-house die-casting facility. This is where we focus on quality, because the components are the basis for the engine production. But last but not least, it is the precision work of our employees that counts, so that nothing goes wrong.

Mr. Hollmann, when did your Heidrive story begin?
I started my training as an industrial mechanic over 20 years ago. After that I was in toolmaking for a long time until I was finally drawn to the foundry or die-casting department.

What is your daily work?
After first of all getting an overview of the current situation at the beginning of my work, I can better assess whether problems have arisen somewhere and how they can be solved. The issue of adherence to delivery dates is particularly important, so that in the end delivery reliability can be maintained. This means that here, too, I have to consult with those responsible and, if necessary, make adjustments at various points. The set-up of computer-controlled machines is also one of my tasks. I also take care of repairs of machines or robots. Here I can often tell by the noise of what the machines are doing or whether something is missing. Apart from that, I'm really there for everything that happens or needs to be done, because as a foreman I usually have a good overview of what the employees and colleagues are doing. This also involves the topics of work distribution and employee qualification. And of course I always report on the work of our 13-strong team to my boss.

How do you summarize your job?
All in all, you can't be squeamish and you have to approach your colleagues if something doesn't fit. In die-casting, the machine noise level is also high, so we always wear earplugs. Safety glasses also provide additional safety when working with molten metal. Because aluminium has to be heated up a lot, it is always a little warmer in die-casting than in the rest of the company. But in general it is a job where you can see what you have done. Working with colleagues is a lot of fun and I appreciate the fact that I get to bear so much responsibility.