Our milestones

The history of Heidrive GmbH can be traced back to the year 1720. In 1938, a metal goods factory was created from a forge in Schwabach and expanded worldwide. After the first electric motors were developed and produced in 1951, the factory in Kelheim, the current headquarters, was opened in 1961. In 1968, a further business unit followed in Kelheim, specialising in system units, and in 1995 the subsidiary Heidrive s.r.o. in Mrakov, Czech Republic.

Since January 2015, the System Technology division has been operating under its own name Pasotec GmbH and, as a subsidiary of Heidrive GmbH, has taken on an important independent role in the company structure.
Since January 2016, Heidrive GmbH has been part of the US drive technology manufacturer Allied Motion Technologies Inc.


Opening of a metal goods factory

In 1938 Hans Heidolph Senior founded the Hans Heidolph metal goods factory.
From a blacksmith's shop in Schwabach, a metal goods factory developed, which expanded worldwide.



Inauguration Kelheim plant

With the opening of the new plant in Kelheim the number of employees can be increased from 250 to 500.
It is the self-proclaimed goal to refine and improve the existing product groups.



Foundation DevAppa

With the company DevAppa, another plant was added in Kelheim in 1968, where complete system units - for example for medical technology - were manufactured. In 2015 DevAppa is renamed to PASOTEC GmbH.



Certification according to DIN ISO 9001 and
Foundation of a subsidiary in the Czech Republic


DIN EN ISO 9001 is a standard from the DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. series and is a globally recognized standard that defines requirements for effective quality management in a company. Designed to be sector-neutral, it applies to companies in industry, business and the service sector, including educational companies, labour market service providers and non-profit organisations.

The plant in the Czech Republic was also opened in 1995. Since then the production of the winding technology, which is the heart of a motor, as well as the final assembly of the drives have been located here. As a European supplier, the location in the Czech Republic enables us to optimise the costs of our production and the cost-efficient distribution of our products throughout Europe. We employ over 100 people in Mrakov (CZ) and are pleased to be able to contribute to the economic development of this region.


2006 / 2009

Entry into servo technology
and market launch of the
HeiMotion Compact motor series (HMC)


In 2006 Heidrive is dealing with the
emerging branch of servo technology. First developments
for the HeiMotion Compact series are manufactured and tested,
before they are ready for the market two years later.


Our drive systems of the HeiMotion series consist of eight powerful servo motors and two positioning controller families optimally matched to the motors, equipped with various functionalities. Depending on your application, you have the choice between a Low Inertia and a Middle Inertia series, whereby each series comprises 4 motors.

2011 / 2013

Presentation and development of the
HeiMotion-Premium (HMP) Series

The HeiMotion Premium servo motor series was intended as a consistent further development of the HeiMotion Compact series, which has been in existence since 2008. Above all, it should meet the requirements of the European market. The HMP servo motors are available in 7 different flange sizes and serve a power range from 50 W to 14 kW.




The Dräger Group in Lübeck, a global medical and safety technology group, presents five awards among its partners for quality, service, logistics, innovation and competitiveness. In addition, an award is given to the winner of all classes. In 2011, this award will go to Heidolph Elektro GmbH & Co KG from Kelheim. The family-run system technology specialist from Kelheim will be chosen as the best business partner from over 3000 internationally active suppliers.

For Dräger, Heidolph develops complex systems and elaborate assemblies for the medical sector, such as trolleys for transporting highly sensitive equipment.



New foundation of Heidrive GmbH

In the course of the strategic reorientation and expansion of the Drive Technology and System Technology divisions -
mainly due to the focus on the new servo series HeiMotion Premium -
Heidolph Elektro GmbH & Co KG becomes the independent company Heidrive GmbH in 2013.



Foundation of the PASOTEC GmbH

In 2015, the System Technology division will start up the new subsidiary
PASOTEC GmbH into a separate company.

Pasotec GmbH develops and produces recording and transport equipment for
medical devices. As a system partner we relieve the market leaders in the
area of medical technology and take over the overall responsibility for your project
from the idea to series production.


New owner: Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

With effect from January 2016, all shares in Heidrive GmbH have been sold to the US drive technology specialist Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Allied Motion Technologies Inc. is an international manufacturer of drive technology products based in the US state of New York. With additional locations in the US states of Ohio, Michigan and Alabama, branches in Mexico and China as well as European locations in the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal, the Group has a strong international presence. The company originated from the Hathaway Corporation, which has been active in the field of energy monitoring since the 1960s. In 2002, the Hathaway Corporation sold its energy and process equipment division, which has since been operating under the new name Allied Motion Technologies. The naming of the company was already a sign of the strategic orientation of the company towards the field of motion control. Through the acquisition of various drive technology companies in the USA and Europe, Allied Motion has built up a broad portfolio of products and drive solutions to serve an international market. Allied Motion Technologies is thus on its way to becoming a leading supplier in this promising segment.



Market introduction servo series
HeiMotion Dynamic (HMD)

As the market repeatedly demands very high acceleration values, the new
dynamic HeiMotion Dynamic (HMD) series has been developed in 2017 and
specifically adapted to meet these requirements.
The HMD motors are characterized by their extremely dynamic behavior
and robustness. The latter was achieved by means of a concentrated winding.
The result is an efficiency of up to 94 %. With the HMD series,
a separate low-voltage series is offered. As with the HMC and HMP series,
all options (encoder, brake, connectors, caps, planetary gears, etc.)
of the existing modular system can be used.

2019 / 2020

Development of AGV traction drives

Logistics 4.0 is the big buzzword of the coming years when it comes to the automation of companies.

Heidrive GmbH also presented its HeiMotion servo motors 2019 at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg. The high-performance, compact servo motors are directly mounted planetary or cycloid gears with integrated electronics, making them the perfect drive unit for driverless transport systems for logistics 4.0. 2020 will see further development of the drives for the broad market.